Do you have a handyman special or an ugly, run down house? Do you NOT have the time, money, energy or know-how to complete the rehab? If you have a property with a lot of differed maintenance and expensive repairs or if you need to sell overnight - we can help!
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We are NOT a franchise company with national presence and national overhead. We don't have lots of costly lawyers and expensive advertisement and that's why we will give you the most reasonable and realistic offer on your ugly, run down house. We buy unwanted ugly homes, fast, in cash, and in any condition. Some houses are sold in 7 to 10 days or less.

We are cash home buyers that will buy your house whatever your situation is: stop foreclosure, move away, and sell inheritance that is outdated and is becoming a financial burden on your family. With quick closing and no hidden fees we offer a solution. If you've found yourself thinking "I need to sell my home fast" our real estate investors are ready to consider your property.

Even though we are Licensed Real Estate Brokers, you will NEVER pay any commission to us for the properties we purchase. We buy houses with quick closings that are hassle-free. Our state licensure also protects you from any unfair or illegal dealing on our part.
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Here's how the process works: you contact us to let us know you want to sell your house. We run a few numbers, visually check your home, NO INSPECTIONS and make an offer. OUR OFFERS ARE NON CONTINGENT, which means if you agree we will definitely buy your home. If you accept the offer, we begin processing the paperwork and prepare for closing on your home within seven to ten days. We can pay cash at closing. If you need time to move out we will work with you. Each case is unique and we make agreements based on individual situation.

In some cases we even make arrangements where previous owners stay in the home as tenants. We can still make all necessary repairs and upgrades for your comfort.

Please remember that we a Licensed Real Estate Broker and if there is a way to sell your house on the open market and maximize your return we will gladly offer you that option and help you sell.

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